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Minneapolis College’s Criminal Justice Studies program provides you with a broad professional education in the criminal justice system, including an understanding of how the police, courts and corrections departments operate and work together. The curriculum equips you to understand the causes of and means to prevent crime and to work effectively in the criminal justice field.



1. Explain the underlying philosophies, history, processes, components, and best practices of the CJ system (i.e., police, courts, correctional agencies).
2. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication and the appropriate use and synthesis of reliable information sources with proper attribution.
3. Analyze the role of ethics, diversity, culture, political power, and corporate power on the components of the CJ system.
4. Evaluate the nature, extent, causation, and prevention of crime and critique the major criminological theories.
5. Apply the principles of substantive, procedural, and evidentiary criminal laws that regulate and guide the CJ system and its actors.
6. Apply classroom-based information to a real-world setting (e.g., social support agency, police department, courtroom, correctional facility) and critically examine the practices, policies, or processes of that setting.



Criminal Justice Transfer Pathway

Total Credits for Award: 60.00

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