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Role of the Central Services Technician (CSIP 1000)

Credits:  3   Lecture Credits:  2.00   Lab Credits:  1.00  
Description:  This course is designed for students interested in a health related career. It prepares you to perform the role of Central Service Technician in such positions as Instrument Tech and Case Cart Tech. Foundational Anatomy and Physiology and basic principles of Microbiology will be presented. Course competencies include decontamination, preparation and packaging for sterilization, sterilization process, and sterile storage. Basic surgical instrumentation and medical terminology that is necessary for this area of employment in the healthcare setting will also be presented. The lab will include campus- and hospital-based practice settings.

Placement score into READ 0200 or ESOL 0052 and ESOL 0033 or completion of READ 0100 or ESOL 0042 with faculty recommendation into ESOL 0052.


HCCC 1010, HCCC 1020, HCCC 1030, HCCC 1040, HCCC 1050, HCCC 1060, HCCC 1070, HCCC 1100

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Central Services Technician Internship (CSIP 1002)

Credits:  2   Internship/Practicum:  2.00

Description:  The 80-hour internship course prepares you for employment and to be become eligible for Central Services Technician certification. Through this practicum experience, you will become familiar with all aspects related to the central services of a hospital. The focus of this course is to provide you with comprehensive skills to be able to perform competently and safely. You will have hands-on practice sessions to develop the skills and techniques required in performing various activities in the central services areas. This course must be completed within one term of CSIP 1000. Upon successful completion of CSIP 1000 and CSIP 1002, students are eligible to take the certification exam from the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution, Inc. (CBSPD).

HCCC 1010, HCCC 1020, HCCC 1030, HCCC 1040, HCCC 1050, HCCC 1060, HCCC 1070, and HCCC 1100.

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