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Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide (NAHA 1819)

Total Credits:  5   Lecture Credits:  3   Lab Credits:  2  
Description:  This course will introduce you to the concepts of basic human needs, the health/illness continuum, and basic nursing skills in long-term care and the home-care environment. Skills will be taught in a simulated laboratory setting utilizing demonstration and role-playing. Upon successful completion of classroom studies, you will participate in a supervised clinical experience in a long-term care facility. Your presence is mandatory at all class and clinical hours to achieve a passing grade in the course. This course meets the objectives of the Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) and Minnesota Department of Health Requirements as detailed for educating the nursing assistant. Upon successful completion of the course and clinical, you will be prepared for the Nursing Assistant test out and, upon successful testing, will be placed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. Please see Program pages in this catalog for other course requirements. Must be taken Pass/Fail.
Prerequisites:  Placement score into READ 0200 or ESOL 0052 or completion of READ 0100 or ESOL 0042; and negative mantoux or chest x-ray. Negative Mantoux results must not be older than 90 days on the last day of your clinical. If prior or current positive Mantoux, negative chest x-ray results must be provided to instructor before clinicals may be attended.

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Acute Care Skills for Nursing Assistants (NAHA 1900)

Total Credits:  3   Lecture Credits:  2   Lab Credits:  1  
Description:  This course builds on the knowledge, skills and procedures learned in the basic, federally mandated nursing assistant curriculum and provides preparation for employment in acute-care settings. You will participate in the on-campus classroom and skills lab and attend a supervised clinical experience in a hospital. Please see Programs and Credentials pages in catalog for other course requirements. Must be taken Pass/Fail.
Prerequisites:  Successful completion of NAHA 1819 or NAHA 1850, and current Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registration. Clear background check.

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