Course Code
PHRM 1000  Credits 3.00 Lec View Details
Title Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 
Description This course uses active-learning and interactive strategies to introduce students to skills needed as a pharmacy technician. You will learn how to process prescriptions including necessary calculations. You will also differentiate the roles of a pharmacy technician and pharmacist; compare and contrast retail and institutional pharmacy settings; apply pharmacy laws, regulations, and ethics; evaluate benefits and limitations of prescription insurance coverage; and practice professional behavior. 

HCCC 1200 or instructor approval to take concurrently.

Pre/Co-requisites HCCC 1200 

Course Code
PHRM 1100  Credits 2.00 Int./Prac. View Details
Title Pharmacy Technician Internship 
Description This course is an off-campus, experiential-learning component for the Pharmacy Technician program. You will be supervised by a pharmacist in the field and evaluated by instructors from the Pharmacy Technician program. As an intern, you will apply and enhance your knowledge and skills learned in the program. This internship requires 90 hours of on-site training. The course requires the instructor's permission to register. 

PHRM 1000. This course requires the instructor's permission to register. Please contact the instructor.