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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming With C++ (CSCI 1730)

Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 4.00

Description: This course presents an introduction to object-oriented programming using C++. Topics covered will include loops, decisions, structures, functions, objects and classes, arrays, operator overloading, inheritance, pointers, polymorphism, streams, and files. In addition, the course teaches the problem-solving skills required to design programming solutions in C++.

Topical Outline:

1. Problem-solving and program design
2. Branching and looping
3. Functions
4. Arrays and structures
5. Objects and classes
6. Operator overloading, inheritance, and polymorphism

Learning Outcomes:
1. Acquire a basic understanding of the syntax and the programming constructs of the C++ programming language
2. Design a logically correct solution of a computational problem that uses the object-oriented features of the C++ programming language
3. Summarize fundamental design concepts and principles of the object-oriented paradigm
4. Summarize fundamental problem-solving and program design strategies



CSCI 1500; MATH 1110 or MATH 1116 or MATH 1119 or MATH 1125.