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Intermediate Algebra with ALEKS (MATH 0088)

Credits: 5
Lecture Credits: 5.00

Description: This course, a continuation of MATH 0077, provides an alternate, self-directed way to learn intermediate algebra concepts using ALEKS, a Web-based math assessment and learning system. First, ALEKS will determine your individual study plan and the number of credits for which you need to register. In the classroom, you will use ALEKS at your own pace with the help of an instructor. In this course, you will demonstrate mastery of these concepts: real numbers and linear equations and inequalities, graphs and linear functions, systems of linear equations, exponents and polynomials, rational expressions and equations, variation applications, radicals and rational exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, solving radical and quadratic equations and inequalities, parabolas, functions, function composition and inverse functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and equations, distance and midpoint formulas, and circles.

Topical Outline:

1. Functions with emphasis on polynomial functions and equations, including their algebra, graphs and factoring
2. Systems of linear equations in two and three variables, with application problems
3. Inequalities: linear, compound, and absolute value
4. Radical expressions and rational exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations and functions
5. Rational expressions, functions, and equations
6. Composite, inverse, exponential and logarithmic functions equations and their graphs

Learning Outcomes:
1. Work with number sets, interval, inequality, graphical and functional notation
2. Solve compound, absolute value, polynomial inequalities; and linear, radical, rational, literal, exponential, and logarithmic equations
3. Simplify and perform operations on polynomials, rational expressions, and simplify expressions with rational exponents
4. Perform operations with complex numbers
5. Solve systems of linear equations
6. Manipulate and graph, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions 


MATH 0077. You may also take MATH 0077 concurrently with MATH 0088.


MATH 0077.