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Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (MATH 2210)

Credits: 5
Lecture Credits: 5.00

Description: This course covers linear algebra, with an emphasis on eigenvalues; introduction to differential equations, including linear differential equations with constant coefficients, solved using eigenvalues; and series solutions and numerical methods for linear and nonlinear differential equations and systems.

Topical Outline:

1. First-order differential equations
2. Linear systems, matrices, and vector spaces
3. Higher-order linear differential equations
4. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
5. Linear systems of differential equations
6. Laplace Transform and power series methods

Learning Outcomes:
1. Solve or approximate solutions to a variety of first-order differential equations
2. Solve linear systems using matrices, matrix operations, determinants, or inverse matrices
3. Summarize the definitions, terminology, and applications of general vector spaces
4. Solve higher-order differential equations using the concepts of general vector spaces
5. Find eigenvalues and eigenvectors and use them to solve systems of linear differential equations
6. Use Laplace Transforms or power series to solve differential equations 


MATH 1190.