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Introductory Statistics (MATH 1140)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3.00

Description: This course emphasizes both the interpretation and evaluation of surveys, experiments, probabilities, graphic/tabular displays, data summaries, or other statistical reports encountered in daily life as well as statistical calculations. You will learn about data collection, numerical and graphic summaries, basic ideas of probability, hypothesis testing using a normal and/or chi-squared distribution, estimation, correlation and regression.

Topical Outline:

Learning Outcomes:
1. 1. Create a graphical display for a given data set
2. 2. Calculate descriptive statistics based on data types
3. 3. Solve basic probability problems
4. 4. Find confidence intervals for means or proportions
5. 5. Apply the methods of hypothesis testing
6. 6. Critically evaluate a statistical study


Placement score into MATH 0080 or completion of MATH 0070 or MATH 0077 with a grade of A or B.

MnTC: Goal 4