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Community Health Worker Internship (CMHW 1100)

Credits: 2
Internship/Practicum: 2.00

Description: The 80-hour internship course provides you the opportunity to prepare for independent work as a Community Health Worker. You will work in a role promoting the health and well-being of individuals through an agency experience. This course requires instructor permission to register. A clear background check must be on file before start of Internship on-site hours. Must be taken Pass/Fail.

Topical Outline:

1. Community Health Worker Role, Advocacy and Outreach

2. Community health Worker Organization and Resources: Community and Personal Strategies

3. Teaching and Capacity Building

4. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

5. Coordination, Documentation, and Reporting

6. Communication and Cultural Competence

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate the ability to identify and use concepts of personal safety, self care and personal wellness and ability to promote health and disease prevention for clients during the field experience
2. Demonstrate use of knowledge of the community and the ability to prioritize and organize work during the field experience
3. Demonstrate ability to use various teaching methods to increase the capacity of the community and of the client to access the health care system, and promote wellness for clients and their families during the field experience
4. Identifies and applies principles of the legal and ethical dimensions of the Community Health Worker role during the field experience
5. Demonstrates ability to gather, document and report appropriate, accurate and clear documentation on client visits and other activities during the field experience
6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of clients, their families and a range of healthcare providers while recognizing the cultural implications that affect communication during the field experience 


Instructor permission is required and completion or concurrent enrollment in CMHW 1001, CMHW 1016, CMHW 1025, CMHW 1035, CMHW 1045, CMHW 1055 and CMHW 1065. Please contact the instructor.