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Information Technology Career Preparation (ITEC 2950)

Credits: 2
Lecture Credits: 2.00

Description: This course helps graduating students prepare for entering the job market as computer programmers or computer support and network administrators. You will develop the skills and knowledge required to search for appropriate employment in your chosen computer field. Topics include self-assessment, rèsumé writing, advertisement terminology, letter writing and job-search planning. You are encouraged to network with other computer professionals by attending job fairs, computer user group meetings and computer conferences. Recommended for students in the final semester of the program. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:

1. IT career fields
2. Resumes, cover letters and applications
3. Professional networking (e.g. job fairs, online networking)
4. Strategies to gain employment

Learning Outcomes:
1. Create a professional resume; write an appropriate cover letter for an IT position; be able to complete application forms
2. Understand the importance of; and take advantage of, opportunities for professional networking, online and in-person
3. Know how to find IT employment opportunities
4. Use self-reflection to gain an understanding of own strengths and weakness; identify careers which take advantage of skills; create a plan for further study, training, and self-improvement to further career opportunities



Eligibility for graduation from a Information Technology program area. Instructor permission required, please contact the instructor.