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SQL Server Database Design and Implementation (ITEC 1460)

Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 3.00
Lab Credits: 1.00

Description: The course will help you learn the concepts and terms you will need to create and run SQL statements using Microsoft SQL Server. You will develop simple and complex SQL queries, and be able to use joins, summary queries, and subqueries. You will learn to design and implement your own database. You work with advanced features such as views, scripts, stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Database security and CLR integration will also be discussed. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:

1. Fundamental SQLServer database concepts
2. Relational and SQLServer database design
3. SQLServer database queries, functions and procedures
4. SQLServer relational database administration
5. SQLServer relational database maintenance
6. SQLServer relational database security

Learning Outcomes:
1. Define SQLServer and relational database terms and concepts
2. Design and create SQLServer database structures
3. Create SQLServer query statements to search, create, read, update, and delete data
4. Manage and administer a SQLServer database environment using appropriate strategies and tools
5. Appreciate the importance of normalization for performance, organization; use appropriate processes to create an optimally normalized database
6. Write procedures and functions to write, access and manage data 


ITEC 1100, ITEC 1110, ITEC 1150, ITEC 1250.