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Apple Mobile Programming (ITEC 2415)

Credits: 6
Lecture Credits: 5.00
Lab Credits: 1.00

Description: This course is hands-on and task-oriented, covering the use of the Apple iPhone and iPad mobile device platform to implement market-driven, device-based applications. You will learn several skills: creating and running common types of mobile programs; building user interfaces and navigation applets; constructing transitions, multi-touch events, networks and audio programs. You will design and implement your own mobile applications for evaluation. You will learn also how to implement the advanced features and libraries of iPhone applications using a variety of features. You will learn several skills: developing platform-based programs; using data and control structures; working with data types and expressions; building modular applications, classes and scripts; integrating databases; developing multithreading applications; programming drag-and-drop mechanisms; and developing security models.

Topical Outline:

1. Mobile development devices, tools and development environment
2. Mobile development language and application logic
3. Components of user interfaces and their role in providing a positive user experience
4. Leveraging of mobile-specific capabilities in applications; handling mobile-specific constraints and issues
5. Data storage, management and organziation within a mobile device
6. Application lifecycle requirements, design, coding, testing and deployment

Learning Outcomes:
1. Set up a development environment; use appropriate tools to manage the app development process
2. Design mobile apps from requirements and from students' own design
3. Write and test application code; within a software development lifecycle; with consideration to mobile device-specific advantages and constraints
4. Design and create user interfaces with consideration to mobile device advantages e.g. touchscreens and constraints
5. Create, store and manage data needed by apps using data sources and resources such as files, databases and APIs


ITEC 1255 or ITEC 2505 or ITEC 2545.