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Programming Logic and Design (ITEC 1150)

Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 2.00
Lab Credits: 1.00

Description: This course introduces students to software development and programming principles. You will learn the basic principles of problem analysis, program design, program development, testing, and documentation. You will become familiar with using a modern programming language and software development environment. No prior computer programming experience is necessary. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:

1. Fundamental language features of a modern programming language
2. Introductory object-orientated concepts
3. Introductory software analysis and design
4. Programming language development environment and tools

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the applications of programming languages in software development and other areas of IT
2. Understand and participate in the phases of programming development including analysis, design, coding, and testing
3. Create programs which correctly and logically solve problems
4. Test programs for accurate operation, identify and correct errors
5. Use fundamental programming concepts correctly and appropriately; including such as loops, conditional statements, functions, and introductory object oriented programming concepts
6. Practice logical analysis and problem solving skills using programming languages as a tool 


Placement score into READ 1300 or completion of READ 0200 or ESOL 0052.