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Graphic Design: Digital and Print Media Core

Award: Certificate
Total Credits for Award: 18.00

Admission Requirements:

Students are accepted into this program for fall, spring, and summer terms.

Graphic Design courses in this program require achievement of the following minimum placements:


Minneapolis College’s Graphic Design: Digital and Print Media program centers on the place where words meet images, where clear and purposeful communication meets aesthetic impact and where a range of human needs and desires reside. You will get hands-on experience from experienced instructors in a program that will open up a world for you in a fast-paced Graphic Design career.

Program Learning Outcome #1:  Understand the knowledge gained through the study of the history of graphic design, typography and the visual arts, and apply this knowledge to today's diverse cultures and media marketplaces.

Program Learning Outcome #2:  Develop production skills necessary to work within the environment of media industries: create error free data and documents, work within commercial workflows, time management skills, project planning, image production and valid web documents.

Program Learning Outcome #3:  Understand the elements and principles of design, user experience, and demonstrate visual literacy using strategies to reinforce visual messages and typographic acuities.

Program Learning Outcome #4:  Articulate design solutions and communicate effectively in verbal and written responses using the language of graphic and web design.

Program Learning Outcome #5:  Demonstrate competence with graphic, print, web and interactive media applications and technologies.

Program Learning Outcome #6:  Apply problem-solving, critical thinking and a personal and professional obligation to their local and global communities as well as social and moral responsibilities.





 GRPH 1101

 Typography 1


 GRPH 1120

 Layout and Design


 GRPH 1130

 Introduction to Graphics Software


 GRPH 1140

 Color Theory


 GRPH 1540

 History of Graphic Design


 WEBI 1416

 Web Design Fundamentals





All students pursuing this award should work closely with their advisor to ensure proper selection of required program courses, if applicable program electives, required Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses, and MnTC electives. You are expected to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure courses are taken in an order that will lead to efficient and successful completion of the required coursework.