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HVAC-R Generalist

Award: Certificate
Total Credits for Award: 18.00

Admission Requirements:

HVAC courses in this program require achievement of the following minimum placements:

MnTC Goal Area courses in this program may have different required placements and prerequisites, please see individual course requirements.


The HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) Generalist Certificate prepares students for entry level HVACR employment with a broad range of HVACR courses that can be completed in two semesters. Students will learn Refrigeration Fundamentals, Basic Electricity, HVAC Sheet Metal, Copper Fabrication, HVACR Trade Tools and Test Equipment, Refrigerant Management, Basic Welding and obtain OSHA 30 hours of Construction Training. Upon completing this certificate students will be qualified for HVACR employment as Construction Pipefitters, HVACR Helpers, Residential HVAC Installers, HVACR Parts sales, HVACR Preventative Maintenance Workers and HVAC Building Maintenance Workers.

Program Learning Outcome #1:  Obtain section 608 Universal Certification by the EPA for refrigerant transition and recovery.

Program Learning Outcome #2:  Interpret electrical concepts, procedures, and safety practices.

Program Learning Outcome #3:  Successfully troubleshoot and repair HVACR equipment.

Program Learning Outcome #4:  Develop communication skills with customers, co-workers and employers.

Program Learning Outcome #5:  Demonstrate necessary mechanical skills to install and maintain HVACR equipment.

Program Learning Outcome #6:  Demonstrate the skills necessary to become proficient in the process of metal fabrication related to HVACR.





 HVAC 1000

 Refrigeration Fundamentals


 HVAC 1005

 Basic Electricity


 HVAC 1015

 OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety Training


 HVAC 1020

 Trade Tools and Test Equipment


 HVAC 1035

 HVAC Sheet Metal



                                                       TOTAL CREDITS:






 HVAC 1100

 Copper Fabrication


 HVAC 1105

 Refrigeration Management


 HVAC 2105

 HVAC Internship 1


 WELD 1105

 Welding for Related Trades



                                                TOTAL CREDITS: 


All students pursuing this award should work closely with their advisor to ensure proper selection of required program courses. You are expected to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure courses are taken in an order that will lead to efficient and successful completion of the required coursework.