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Medical Scribe Internship (MEDS 1800)

Credits: 1
Internship/Practicum: 1.00

Description: This class provides a real world learning environment in which you will be able to apply and test the knowledge and skills that you have learned in the classroom. You will further develop your interpersonal skills in working with professional colleagues and patients. You will demonstrate your responsibility, dependability, and initiative to an employer. Must be taken Pass/Fail.

Topical Outline:

1. Training plan with your supervisor

2. Commitment plan and follow through

3. Activity log/journal

4. College internship supervisor

5. Summary paper

Learning Outcomes:
1. Apply medical scribe skills and knowledge to the on-the job experiences
2. Demonstrate responsibility, dependability, and initiative to an employer
3. Demonstrate professional ethics and patient/client confidentiality
4. Represent Minneapolis College as a medical office professional



BIOL 1127 and BIOL 1128, MEDS 1000 and MEDS 1125


MEDS 1230