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Medical Scribe Specialist

Award: Two-Semester Diploma
Total Credits for Award: 33.00

Admission Requirements:

Medical Scribe Specialist courses in this program require achievement of the following minimum placements:

  • READING-one of the following:
  • WRITING-one of the following:
  • It also strongly recommended that students can type a minimum of 25 or more words per minute.

MnTC Goal Area courses in this program may have different required placements and prerequisites, please see individual course requirements.


The Medical Scribe program trains individuals to enter information into the electronic medical record at the direction of a physician or practitioner; charting in real time as the provider assesses and examines the patient. The scribe will ease documentation for physicians and allow them to focus on the care of the patient thus increasing the productivity and patient satisfaction in the medical office.





 BIOL 1127


 BIOL 1128

 Human Biology


 Human Biology lab


 BUSN 1150

 Business Computers


 MEDS 1000

 Electronic Health Records


 MEDS 1125

 Medical Terminology


 CMST 1010  Or

 CMST 1014 Or

 CMST 2012

 Interpersonal Communications

 Healthcare Communication

 Intercultural Communication









 MEDS 1230

 Healthcare Documentation


 MEDS 1245

 Human Diseases and Pharmacology


 MEDS 1710

 ICD-10-CM Coding


 MEDS 1720

 CPT Coding


 MEDS 1800

 Medical Scribe Internship  1.00




General Education Courses (7 Credits):

To complete the Medical Scribe Diploma, students are required to successfully complete BIOL 1127, BIOL 1128, and CMST 1010.

Students must have grades of “C” (2.0) or higher in all required coursework including BIOL 1127, BIOL 1128 and CMST 1010.

All students pursuing this award should work closely with their advisor to ensure proper selection of required program courses, if applicable program electives, required Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses, and MnTC electives. You are expected to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure courses are taken in an order that will lead to efficient and successful completion of the required coursework.