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Radiology 2 (DNTA 1350)

Credits: 3
Lab Credits: 3.00

Description: This course is a continuation of Radiology 1 and provides you with an opportunity to develop skills in exposing, processing, and evaluating radiographs. You will focus on the preclinical and clinical application of radiographic techniques. You will expose radiographs on patients. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:

1. Radiograph techniques review

2. Preclinical application of radiographic techniques

3. Radiograph mounting and evaluation review of each exposure

4. Infection control protocols when exposing radiographs

5. Clinical application of radiographic techniques

Learning Outcomes:
1. Review the MN Rules and Regulations, which allow licensed dental assistants to expose Radiographs on patients
2. Demonstrate diagnostic radiographs on skulls
3. Demonstrate aseptic techniques when exposing radiographs on patients
4. Demonstrate proper protocols in exposing radiographs on patients
5. Demonstrate exposing diagnostically acceptable radiographs on patients
6. Demonstrate the ability to correctly mount and evaluate radiographs on patients 


DNTA 1150, or approval from program director.