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Dental Assistant Expanded Functions 2 (DNTA 1360)

Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 1.00
Lab Credits: 3.00

Description: This course is a continuation of Dental Assisting Expanded Functions 1, which teaches delegated advanced functions legal for a licensed dental assistant in Minnesota. You will focus on the fundamentals and skills needed to provide the expanded functions in accordance to the Minnesota Dental Practice Act. You will provide direct patient care. You will also apply infection control, safety and standard precautions, along with proper patient management. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:

1. Nutritional impact on the oral cavity 

2. Prevention of oral health diseases

3. Approriate use of analgesics in dentistry

4. Preclinical skills related to several MN expanded functions

5. Clinical skills related to several MN expanded functions

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify nutritional concepts and the impact nutrition has on oral health
2. Identify and provide proper oral hygiene techniques on patients
3. Demonstrate mechanical polishing of clinical crowns
4. Apply fluoride on patients
5. Apply pit and fissure sealants on patients
6. Demonstrate the induction of a patient and monitoring of nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia 


DNTA 1260 or approval from the program director.