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Clinical Internship 2 (DNTA 1375)

Internship/Practicum: 4.00

Description: This course is a continuation of Clinical Externship 1 and will provide you with the opportunity to continue developing skills initiated in the classroom and previous dental clinic experience, through practical application. The course will focus on assisting in a dental office and participating as a member of the dental health team. Students must have successfully completed DNTA 1350 and DNTA 1360 prior to attending the community-based learning. Must be taken Pass/Fail.

Topical Outline:

1. Professional behavior as an employed dental assistant

2. Chairside assisting in a clinical setting

3. Infection control protocols when providing direct patient care

4. Role of each member of the dental health team

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate professional attitude through effective communication with the dental professionals and patients
2. Demonstrate appropriate use of instruments, equipment and supplies
3. Demonstrate appropriate set-up, maintenance and clean up of the operatory
4. Demonstrate assisting skills for each aspect of dental treatment
5. Demonstrate appropriate infection control and safety procedures throughout the various dental procedures
6. Demonstrate skills as an operator when performing expanded functions  


DNTA 1260.


DNTA 1350, DNTA 1360.