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Clinical Internship 1 (DNTA 1170)

Credits: 3
Internship/Practicum: 3.00

Description: This course provides the student with the opportunity to develop skills learned in the classroom through practical application. The course will focus on assisting in a dental clinic and participating as a member of the dental health team. Must be taken Pass/Fail.

Topical Outline:

1. Assisting in the business area of the dental clinic

2. Assisting in the clinical setting of the dental clinic

3. Infection control protocols in the dental clinic

4. Participate in a professional manner as a dental team member

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify appropriate attire, appearance and professional behavior
2. Communicate effectively with office personnel and patients using the appropriate dental terms
3. Demonstrate business office management
4. Demonstrate appropriate use of dental instruments, equipment and supplies
5. Maintain the operatory and provide supportive functions at chairside
6. Demonstrate appropriate infection control procedures 


Acceptance into the Dental Assistant program; placement into READ 0200 or placement into ESOL 0052 or completion of READ 0100 or ESOL 0042 with faculty recommendation into ESOL 0052.