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Community Health Worker

Award: Certificate
Total Credits for Award: 17.00

Admission Requirements:

Courses for the Community Health Worker program will not be offered in the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Students are accepted into this program for fall, spring or summer. Students can complete the required coursework within one semester but may choose to take several semesters to complete.

Courses in this program require achievement of the following minimum placements:

MnTC Goal Area courses in this program may have different required placements and prerequisites, please see individual course requirements.


Minneapolis College's Community HealthWorker (CHW) program will prepare you to obtain employment in a variety of organizations. As a Community Health Worker, you will perform a broad range of health related functions and play an important role in bridging the gap between cultures and health care systems. You will work with health care organizations to increase cultural competence, improve access to health care for racial and ethnic minorities, improve the quality of care for the chronically ill, promote healthy communities, and educate families about access to and use of health care coverage. You will learn the six basic core competencies appropriate to job placement.





 *CMHW 1001

 The Community Health Worker Role: Advocacy and Outreach


 CMHW 1016

 Organizations and Resources: Community and Personal Strategies


 CMHW 1025

 The Community Health Worker’s Role in Teaching and Capacity-Building


 CMHW 1035

 The Community Health Worker: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities


 CMHW 1045

 Community Health Worker: Coordination, Documentation and Reporting


 CMHW 1055

 Communication Skills and Cultural Competence


 CMHW 1065

 Health Promotion Competencies


 CMHW 1100

 Community Health Worker Internship


 General Education

 Choose one course from MnTC Goal Area 1: Written and Oral Communication





*CMHW 1001 must be taken in the first semester students begin the program.  

 Additional Program Requirements:

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Program requires: Grades of C (2.0) or above in all CHW courses. Passing of a criminal background check prior to being placed in a CHW internship. The College cannot guarantee placement in internships for students who do not have a clear criminal background check. For more information about the background study process and disqualifying crimes, contact, Minnesota Department of Human Services, at 651-297-7014.

All students pursuing this award should work closely with their advisor to ensure proper selection of required program courses, if applicable program electives, required Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses, and MnTC electives. You are expected to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure courses are taken in an order that will lead to efficient and successful completion of the required coursework.