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Introduction to International Business (BUSN 2270)

Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3.00

Description: This course presents and overview of international business. You will explore the role of corporations throughout the world. In additional, you will actively assess the role of culture in international business decisions. You will understand the basics of international accounting, marketing, and the legal issues surrounding multinational firms. You will study international agencies and the relationship between foreign and domestic markets. You will study the ways currency and investments affect business decisions. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:

1. International Business
2. Economic and Monetary Systems
3. Marketing Interationally
4. Management and Operations
5. International Law and Ethics

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of international business terminology, world economy, globalization, and international business fundamentals
2. Illustrate the role of economic systems and the choices firms must address to be successful in the international marketplace
3. Evaluate and explain global perspectives of business, current events, and the related ethical implications faced by corporations



BUSN 1140.