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Pharmacy Technician

Award: Certificate
Total Credits for Award: 16.00

Admission Requirements:

Pharmacy courses in this program require achievement of the following minimum placements:

    • Placement score 39

MnTC Goal Area courses in this program may have different required placements and prerequisites, please see individual course requirements.


Pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists dispense prescription medications in pharmacies. Minneapolis College’s Pharmacy Technican program will prepare you to work in a pharmacy and take a certification examination. Your hands-on training will include what you need to be successful after completing the program, including an internship with a local pharmacy.





 BIOL 1226

 Human Diseases and Drugs


 Chemistry course

 Take any Chemistry Course


 HCCC 1020

 Communications in Health Care


 HCCC 1050

 Health Care Safety and Standard Precautions


 HCCC 1070

 Health Care Ethics


 HCCC 1100

 Medical Terminology


 HCCC 1200

 Dosage Calculations


 PHRM 1000

 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 


 PHRM 1100

 Retail Pharmacy Internship





 The following courses have been approved to be used as course substitutions for completion of the Pharmacy Technician Certificate:

  CMST 1010 or any MnTC Goal Area 1 course may be substituted for HCCC 1020.

  BIOL 2235 may be substituted for HCCC 1050.

  Any Minneapolis College Ethics course or transfer equivalent may be substituted for HCCC 1070.

  BIOL 1190 or BIOL 2224 may be substituted for HCCC 1100.

  BIOL 2225 may be substituted for BIOL 1226.

All students pursuing this award should work closely with their advisor to ensure proper selection of required program courses, if applicable program electives, required Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses, and MnTC electives. You are expected to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure courses are taken in an order that will lead to efficient and successful completion of the required coursework.