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Piano: 30 Minute Lesson (MUSC 2503)

Credits: 1
Lecture Credits: 1.00

Description: This course consists of a series of private lessons given on your chosen instrument, 15 half-hour lessons per semester (8 one-hour lessons during summer session). You will develop skills in performing and creating on your instrument, in lessons that are individualized based on your skill level. You will enhance your musicianship as well as your technical skills. Students may not enroll in two different levels of the same instrument in the same semester. As an example, a student may not enroll in MUSC 2503: Piano and MUSC 2504: Piano during the same semester.

Topical Outline:

1. Technique for the specific instrument including things such as note production, scales, drills, rudiments and tone production to develop performance facility.
2. Music notation reading and/or performance practice at appropriate levels.
3. Care of the instrument
4. Score study/Musical study appropriate to the instrument that explores musical form, text (if applicable) and musical context for the development of musical artistry.
5. Exploration of the standard repertoire for the instrument.
6. For advanced students, preparation for public performance.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Develop technical skills on your chosen instrument (or voice).
2. Develop effective practice habits and self-evaluation skills
3. Develop skills in musical interpretation.
4. Explore the literature of your chosen instrument, both as listener and performer.
5. Demonstrate improved musicianship.
6. Demonstrate your ability to care for your instrument (or voice). 


Students must provide their own instrument, with the exception of a piano.