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Integrated Skills High-Intermediate 2 (ESOL 0035)

Credits: 5
Lecture Credits: 5

Description: This course is a continuation of ESOL 0034. It is a high-intermediate integrated skills language class provides you with instruction, practice and knowledge of academic English and American cultures. You will learn about and use basic grammar structures in reading, writing and oral language; read fiction/nonfiction for main ideas and supporting details; develop academic vocabulary; use the writing process, editing and revision to create effective paragraphs and shorter essays; make oral presentations; participate in group work; self-monitor your speech for accuracy; and develop your academic note-taking skills.

Topical Outline:

1. The Academic Writing Process
2. English Vocabulary and Grammar
3. Academic Non-Fiction and Fiction Readings
4. Academic Study Skills
5. Academic Speaking Skills
6. Academic Listening Skills

Learning Outcomes:
Follow the writing process and produce short five paragraph essays
Use intermediate English grammar and vocabulary in academic situations
Understand intermediate level short fiction and non-fiction readings
Apply academic study and test taking skills
Improve English pronunciation and speaking abilities in academic situations
Comprehend and participate in academic lectures and discussions 


Placement Score into ESOL 0032.