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Academic Listening and Speaking 4 (ESOL 0043)

Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 4

Description: This course provides the knowledge and practice necessary to further improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills in English in order to help you be more successful in future academic courses. You will work on these skills through activities such as listening to lectures, tapes, and videos, taking notes in English, doing dictations, participating in discussions, doing interviews, giving presentations and doing exercises in the language lab. Must be taken Pass/No Credit.

Topical Outline:

1. Speaking
2. Listening
3. Pronunciation

Learning Outcomes:
Determine relevant main ideas and supporting details from a variety of audio sources
Prepare for and participate in academic discussions
Plan, prepare, and deliver classroom presentations
Develop and use individualized strategies for expanding academic and idiomatic vocabulary
Employ a variety of communication strategies appropriate to oral/aural context
Develop awareness of and apply key components of standard American English pronunciation 


Placement score into ESOL 0043 or completion of ESOL 0035.